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21 October 2004: MEDOR 1.4.2 (CVS tag MEDOR_1_4_2)

This version incorporates the following updates

  • Support of cloning MEDOR trees.

    This includes a generic interface and implementation for cloning Java graph, distributed in the ow_medor_clone.jar by MEDOR subproject expression.

  • bug corrections: 300633 (NOT LIKE transl. into LIKE), 300481 (two fields with same name - object)

  • moved query/OptimizationMetaData to eval/EvaluationMetaData and removed OMD from QueryNode constructors

  • Implementation of function for Limit (retrieving only n tuples, starting at tuple number m): for QueryEvaluator, new parameter EvalMDMap which gives a Map QueryNode -> EvaluationMetaData containing information for range queries. This has consequences for QueryEvalContext (Speedo) and MedorFactory (JOnAS)

  • reorganised NavigatorNodeFactory, flattened produced QueryTree for paths added MemberOfHelper

  • Added MemberOfHelper class for constructing a MemberOf even if the left and right fields are on the same query tree.

This version corresponds to JORM tag JORM_2_4_2.

Versions 1.4 and 1.4.1 were done in 19-20 October in the process of building this 1.4.2 version.

1 June 2004: MEDOR 1.3.0.b1 (CVS tag MEDOR_1_3_0_b1)

This version incorporates the following updates

  • Separation of Expressions into a new package, for use by JORM (for naming contexts now, and later for expression filtered inheritance)

    The corresponding CVS tag for expressions is MEDOR_EXP_1_1.

  • Bug fixes
    • 300271: ORDER BY and path expressions
    • 300127: IsNullPname in Oracle
    • 300141: replacement of resultSet.isLast()

This version corresponds to JORM tag JORM_2_2_11 and Speedo tag SPEEDO_1_0_1.

30 January 2004: MEDOR 1.2.12 (CVS tag MEDOR_1_2_12)

This version incorporates functional support towards EJB 2.0

  • Added support for aggregates
  • Added MOD operator
  • Added IsNullPName operator
  • Added support for BigInteger and BigDecimal
  • Added support for dummy prefetching with null context (i.e., no prefetching)
  • Bug fixes

This version corresponds to JORM tag JORM_2_2_7.

22 September 2003: MEDOR 1.2.6 (CVS tag MEDOR_1_2_6)

  • Fixed bugs for FirstLocate, Locate operators (also in JORM RDB adaptors)
  • Simplified NavigatorNodeFactory methods

7 February 2003: MEDOR 1.1 (CVS tag MEDOR_1_1)

This MEDOR version is used by JOnAS 3.0 beta0.

14 February 2003: Hello MEDOR!

Opening of the MEDOR ObjectWeb Web site.

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